Before applying a new coat of paint, it is required to remove the old and clean the surface from traces of corrosion and various foreign elements. High-quality bodywork stripping helps to reduce the risk of destructive processes, strengthens the paintwork and eliminates the prerequisites for the delamination of the paint material. In spite of the apparent complexity, all actions can be performed independently. Sometimes it is too expensive to reanimate an old car. In this situation, you can turn to people who are engaged in auto recycling:

Preparation for the main process

To ensure optimal conditions when removing the old layer of paint, it is required to dismantle the elements of the car, which may be affected by mechanical or chemical effects. These elements include windows, car interior equipment, upholstery, and fixtures.

To date, at least five of the most effective ways to remove old paint coatings have been established and tested in practice. Let’s consider each method in order.

The main ways of paint removal from the car body

Chemical treatment

By means of special automotive chemicals, it is possible to get rid of the old paint coating without any force. To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to follow the following instructions:

Chemical solution is applied to the surface of the treated part of the body;

In order for the substance to work, it is necessary to wait for a certain amount of time specified in the instructions;

After the paint has softened, it should be removed mechanically. It is advisable to use a wooden tool. In this case, do not be overzealous if the paint is not fully softened;

The surface freed from the paint is treated with gasoline or white spirit.

It happens that once is not enough, so do not worry, just repeat all the steps again. If it is necessary to remove a layer of paint locally, then to ensure the protection of nearby structures, they should be treated with petroleum jelly. After the work, it is easily removed with warm water.

Method of mechanical action

The use of this method is justified only in cases of local works that do not imply a huge scale. When stains appear unexpectedly, readily available tools are used. They include spatulas, scrapers and brushes. This method is quite costly, in terms of physical capabilities. Great importance, during the work, is given to the accuracy of the actions. The use of chemicals, high temperatures or other types of impact, the mechanical method does not assume.

Process of burning the surface

In the case of a paint surface with 2-3 layers, which is long enough, it is more promising to use a blowtorch. Stripping by this method involves peeling off the paint, which is easily removed by mechanical action, or in some areas it simply burns off. The whole process is quite long and time consuming.

Therefore, it is necessary to conserve energy, not only physical, but also emotional. It is also very important to be careful in your actions. If we treat the process carelessly, there is a high probability of defective areas. Of course, as in any other case, it is very important to have experience in the process that can be gained by repeating the whole process over and over again.

Abrasive treatment of the paint layer.

Here we mean the operation of the grinder. Such a method is relevant in localized impact, when you want to eliminate a damaged or outdated layer. One of the effective units is an angle grinder. Difficult-to-reach places are scraped with a drill with an attachment made in the form of a metal brush. Removing the layer begins with a coarse action, gradually moving to a softer nozzle. This prevents the risk of chipping or scratching.

Sandblasting technology

As a rule, this technology is used when removing paintwork from cars that are quite old. Applying abrasive materials here is not quite right, since the entire process becomes more costly in physical terms. In addition, the parts located inside have a complex structure and shape, as a result, access to them in most cases is limited. Sand jets are indispensable elements. The time spent on the work is minimal, and the result is maximum.

To carry out the work, it will be necessary to disassemble the body. After that, the surface is completely cleaned of paint. By blasting the surface with a sandblaster, it will become a little rougher, which will have a positive effect on the paint application.


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